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Gym Politics? Not here. We cross-train with anyone and everyone.

We have always had pride in our ability to adapt to any training style and situation. We love the flow of dynamic learning, in a head on approach. We feel that you can never stop learning in this amazing sport, so why train with the same partners all the time? You will never face two opponents of the same exact skill-level and fighting style, so why limit yourself to partners with such? We like to mix it up. We enjoy training with our friends over at Vancouver Elite.

They come from a solid team (one of the best around), with a group of great coaches who instill not only toughness, grit, and determination, but the fighter mentality into their students. We welcome all other gyms around the Pacific Northwest to cross-train and get to know us. We love your company!

Huge shout out to Austin Springer and Donnie Johnson for allowing your guys to cross-train with Juggernaut.

To Learn more about Vancouver Elite and their crew of savages, click on the Vancouver Elite image below

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